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[registrars] Santiago Meeting - Proposed Rules

In contemplation of the Santiago meeting next week, I have already
circulated a proposed agenda for discussion and have received some
suggestions for further points of discussion from various people. I will
circulate this revised list to the group before weeks end.  In light of some
of the diversions that occurred during the Berlin meeting, I proposed that
we adopt the following Simplified Rules of Order Principles of Parliamentary
Procedure (a.k.a. Robert's Rules) to conduct our meetings.  I only make this
suggestion because there is a lot of issues that need to be discussed in a
limited amount of time.  I also recommend that the quorum be established at
15% of the membership body, i.e. registrars that have completed the DNSO
registrars constituency application.

I welcome any other suggestions.

HTML link to Simplified Rules of Order Principles of Parliamentary


Michael D. Palage
Interim Secretariat DNSO Registrar Constituency