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Re: [registrars] [Fwd: [council] Recording Santiago DNSO Constituency Meetings]

No objection

At 11:49 AM 8/11/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi all,,
>Please see below request form Ben Edelman (Berman Center, Harvard, the perosn
>who webcsts ICANN-related activites).
>Would any ofg you object to the recording fo our Constituency meeting?
>Best regards,
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>Subject: [council] Recording Santiago DNSO Constituency Meetings
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>If desired, the Berkman Center can digitize and host RealAudio recordings of
>the DNSO Constituency meetings in Santiago.  That's an easy enough task for
>us that we'd happily do it at no charge, but to do so we'll need recordings
>of the meetings themselves.
>We'll have a number of handheld tape recorders and plenty of analog tape
>with us in Santiago, but our experience in Berlin suggests that the
>miniature microphones in handheld tape recorders are not adequate for
>recording even relatively small discussions.  Thus, if these sessions are
>thought to be important enough to be worth recording and posting online,
>some effort should perhaps be made to assure high-quality recordings --
>presumably through the arrangement of several full-size microphones and
>associated mixing and amplification equipment in each constituency meeting
>Ben Edelman
>Berkman Center for Internet and Society
>Harvard Law School

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