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[registrars] Re: [NSIRegistrars] Disclosure of Registration Activity by Registrars

thanks for the clarification dave...

i will assume that this is a ratification of your previous statement that
this information will also not be disclosed to the senior management of NSI,
Inc. including the senior financial management as previously stated.
i would also assume that "senior management " would also include board
members of NSI as well

please correct me if i am wrong here

ken stubbs

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From: Graves, Dave <daveg@netsol.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 3:00 PM
Subject: [NSIRegistrars] Disclosure of Registration Activity by Registrars

> Action Item From June 30 Teleconference:
> Network Solutions, the Registry, reaffirms its policy not to disclose to
> either the public or to any other Registrar, including Network Solutions,
> the Registrar, information about the volume of registration activity (new
> registrations and/or renewals) of any Registrar using the Shared
> Registration System.  Each Registrar may disclose information about its
> activity if and when it chooses.
> Network Solutions senior management declines the request to obtain and
> a legal opinion regarding the policy not to disclose registration
> The Action Item is considered closed.
> Dave Graves
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