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Re: [registrars] [NSITestBed] Draft Exhibit B to th...

JIMBRAMSON@aol.com wrote:
> AOL and register.com will be circulating a new draft dispute policy based on
> input we've received the past two weeks, including at WIPO's meeting last
> week.
> One inconsistency between the "transfer" provision copied above and the
> approach that will be reflected in the new draft dispute policy is the
> restriction on transfers between registrars during the pendency of a domain
> name dispute.  The new policy takes the view that a transfer should be
> allowed so long as the gaining registrar's policy is clear that the
> transferred domain name continues to be subject to the pending dispute under
> the losing registrar's policu.


I fully support this approach. Preventing forum shopping and allowing domain
name portability should not be incompatible.

As Ken and Rcahrd know, one pNC member (Ted Sahpiro form the IPC) has proposd
a registrr-to-regitrar protocol perventing transfers in those cases. He has
re-submitted his proposal some minutes ago.

I will wrtie to him about your coming darft. With yur permission I will copy
you in that mail.

Best regards,