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[registrars] [NSITestBed] Draft Exhibit B to th...

In a message dated 8/6/99 10:25:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
kstubbs@dninet.net writes:

<<  1) Instances when the requested of
 > > change of Registrar should be denied include, but are not limited to,
 > a
 > > domain name is the subject of:
 > >
 > > * Litigation
 > > * Trademark/domain name dispute, if the Registrar's dispute policy has
 > > been invoked
 > > * Bankruptcy
 > > * Dispute over the identity of the registrant >>

AOL and register.com will be circulating a new draft dispute policy based on 
input we've received the past two weeks, including at WIPO's meeting last 

One inconsistency between the "transfer" provision copied above and the 
approach that will be reflected in the new draft dispute policy is the 
restriction on transfers between registrars during the pendency of a domain 
name dispute.  The new policy takes the view that a transfer should be 
allowed so long as the gaining registrar's policy is clear that the 
transferred domain name continues to be subject to the pending dispute under 
the losing registrar's policy.

In other words, there should be minimal limitations on transferability 
between registrars, so long as the ability to transfer can't be used to game 
the system.