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[registrars] Monopolistic actions of Network Solutions -- under Government Contract.

Edward P. Ayoob
The Office of Senator Harry Reid
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC  20510

Dear Mr. Ayoob:

We met briefly on June 16th, when I came to your office while in the 
District on other business.

You were kind enough to meet me though you had other guests who arrived 
just as you came out to meet me.  I told you that I would stop the next 
time I was in the District.

My other business on the Hill has come to a head.  Our firm is a member of 
the Internet Council of Registrars (CORE) and I am on the Executive 
Committee of CORE.  The CORE logo was on my business card.  Perhaps you are 
aware of the process which the Administration has launched to put the 
control of Internet domain names into the private sector.

Under the DoC plan, as detailed in the "White Paper", control of the domain 
name system (DNS) is presently transitioning from a monopoly (created by 
the NSF) to a not-for-profit corporation, Internet Corporation for Names 
and Numbers (ICANN).  The "interim" board of ICANN has been selected from 
distinguished experts in computer matters.  The Chair, Ms. Esther Dyson, is 
well known for her even handed, open approach to the governance of the 
Internet.  She and her board are doing an excellent job navigating the 
shark infested waters that have been presented to them.

Opposing ICANN, there is the government created monopoly, making egregious 
profits from managing the DNS.  Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) was a wholly 
owned subsidiary of SIAC until SIAC took NSI public a year ago -- they 
still hold controlling interest in NSI. Officers of SIAC have profited 
greatly from their personal transactions with shares of NSI.

It is well known that SIAC has on its staff many former CIA 
operatives.  They are the nations largest privately held government 
contractor.  Many of their contracts are with the CIA.  For more details, 
visit the following URL:


So here we have the classic mismatch.  Esther Dyson, known for her gentle, 
even handed and open dealings --- and "in the other corner", the CIA, 
trained at dirty tricks, covert acts and espionage.

"As the twig is bent, so will the tree incline".   CIA has fifty years of 
obfuscation, operating in camera, corrupting government officials, waging 
wars.  CIA's alumni in SIAC have learned their lessons well and bring them 
to NSI.   Ester Dyson has gained an impressive reputation for working in 
the open, gaining consensus.

It's as though they put you or me in the rink with Mike Tyson:-(

NSI, which is domiciled in Herndon, VA, has gotten Representative Thomas 
Bliley, 7th District of Virginia, to call for a hearing before the House 
Commerce Committee, which *he* chairs.  As I understand it, the hearing is 
to be held the week of July 12th.  If prior acts of the Honorable Bliley 
are any clue to the future, the hearing can be expected to throw stumbling 
blocks in the path of ICANN.

I would appreciate it if you could bring these matters to the attention of 
Senator Reid and to such other "movers and shakers" on the Hill who could 
throw some weight behind the laudable plans and actions of ICANN.

Since I was unable to meet Representative Berkley, if you have an 
opportunity to advise her of our needs, it will be sincerely 
appreciated.  Of course, I'll also write to her directly.

Personal regards,
Bob Connelly

Robert and Jane Connelly
2828 Marathon Street
Henderson, NV  89014
Voice/Fax 888-828-4177
Internet: rconnell@teal.csn.net