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Re: [registrars] Quick Catch-up post...

>In my terminology a "registrant transfer" is related to the transfer of an
already registered domain name to a new owner.
>A "registrar transfer" is related to moving a registered domain name to
another registrar.

Ah, then the presented positions do make a lot of sense in that regard.
Chalk that lapse up to one too many coffee's today.

>I would say we'd reach that goal with a strict spec for our whois services
since the registry (currently NSIregistry ;) ) is already running a whois
service listing references to the current registrar

I would agree with that position. Although I wouldn't class NSIr's efforts
as anything approaching useful - it still requires a two stage lookup. I
might be on my own with this one, but there should be no reason in today's
day and age why things of this nature should become more complex.

With that said, I haven't heard a lot from the other Registrar's concerning
this issue. Is there a need for a global whois platform? If so, do we need a
spec or a demilitarized, open platform? Is there an alternative route that
we haven't considered?