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[registrars] re: Desiree Miloshevic and European Names Council seat within the registrars constituency.

I would like to recommend to this group Desiree Miloshevic for the European
Council seat within the registrars constituency.
Apart from her lengthy Internet business experience which includes detailed
knowledge of domain naming issues, and importantly, the underlying
technology. Desiree also has the full support of Virtual Internet PLC.
Virtual Internet is a publicly quoted company on the London stock exchange
and is one of the European leaders in the provision of domain based internet
services. Desiree is able to draw on all our resources, including:
- Offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and New York.
- Legal services from top European New Media lawyers
Both Desiree and Virtual Internet would represent the best interests of all
the post test-bed registrars, particularly with issues relating to the
ownership of the WhoIs database, which we believe is not proprietary to NSI.
Please contact me if you have any further questions about Desiree or Virtual
Internet PLC.

Yours truly, 

Richard Bennett 
Virtual Internet 

Tel: +44 171 565 1603 
Fax: +44 171 681 1004 
Mobile: +44 468 476 468