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RE: [registrars] CV of Clive Flory For Names Counsel

CV of Clive Flory For Names Counsel

> My name is Clive Flory and I currently work as General 
> Manager of Internet Names Australia, a division of Melbourne IT which
> the Australian commercial space, .com.au.
> I believe that I would be a good representative for the 
> council due to my
> experience in running a successful domain name registrar 
> business 

A couple of questions from a member of the Registrar constituency:

- Under what authority does Melbourne IT administer the .com.au namespace?
- Would you classify MelbourneIT as a monopoly provider of .com.au
- Would it not be correct to classify MelbourneIT as a Registrar because it
is in fact the authority for .com.au?

I wouldn't suggest that your position debars you from legitimate membership
of the Registrar constituency. 
I do think it is relevant to understand that MelbourneIT has as much a foot
in the Registrar camp as it does in the Registry camp?

I look forward to your responses.