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[registrars] Draft Ballot.

Dear Michael:

The following is a draft of the ballot as I would suggest you post:

Ballot for Names Council Representatives for the Registry Constituency of DNSO:

Vote for three of the following.  The candidate with the largest number of 
votes in each region will be elected.  You may vote for one candidate in 
each region, but you may also exercise the option of casting your votes 
without consideration of the regions of the candidates.  However, only one 
candidate from each region will be elected.

Mail one copy each to the two Tellers, as follows:

Michael D. Palage <mpalage@ipwarehouse.com>
Ivan Pope <ivan@netnames.com>

The deadline for posting your ballot is XXXXXXXXX [Please complete]

The nominees for Name Counsel representative are as follows.  Designate 
your votes by placing an "x" or "X" in the appropriate box ("[x]" or "[X]"):


Asia Pacific:
[ ] Richard Lindsay	InterQ
[ ] Clive Flory 		Melbourne IT
[ ] Bob Connelly 	PSI-Japan

North America:
[ ] Ken Stubbs	Domain Names International, LLC [Note: not CORE]	
[ ] Ross Wm. Rader	Tucows/Domain Direct
[ ] Eric Eden		Verio
[ ] Paul Stahura 	eNom
[ ] Richard Forman	Register.com
[ ] Len Bayles		AllWest

[ ] Amadeu Abril	Nominalia
[ ] Desiree Miloshevic Virtual Internet