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Re: [registrars] Springtime for Spies and Cops

The EFF has lots of info about this and similar schemes. Check www.eff.org.  

Esther Dyson

At 06:30 AM 14/06/99 +0900, Robert F. Connelly wrote:
>Dear Colleagues:
>En route to Europe I chanced to received a copy of The Daily Telegraph, 
>"Connected", dated Thursday, 10 June.   The top of each page has the 
>notation "connected@telegraph.co.uk".
>The story on page 4 and 5, title above, deals with a U.S. spy operation at 
>Menwith Hill in Yorkshire.  Called "Echelon", the operation has set up 
>International User Requirements for Interception (IUR).  It is a massive 
>system for interception telecommunications messages, voice and 
>Internet.  Automated systems watch for key words to permit interception of 
>specific subjects.
>Perhaps the story is on the Web.  I'm copying The Telegraph to see what can 
>be learned.
>Anyone question why NSI is getting the kid glove treatment by the US Gov?
>BobC, from D.C.
>'Ome is where my
>        @
>       is;-)

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