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RE: [registrars] Deletes Task Force Intial Report

The public comment period for the initial report closes on March 3rd. We
briefly discussed the report at the RC meeting in DC, which resulted in the
raising of a related but separate issue. There have been no other comments
from registrars regarding the initial report.

I would like to request at this time that we proceed with a vote on the
Deletes TF Initial Report, after which we will work on producing a position
statement in response to the report.

Rick, will you need a formal motion and second to get this started?


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Subject: [registrars] Deletes Task Force Intial Report

I failed to notify the list that the Deletes Task Force Initial Report has
been posted and is open for public comment until March 3, 2003.

The report is posted at:

Comments should be submitted to:

The comment archive is available at:


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