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RE: [registrars] WHOIS expiration date for Auto-renewed domains

I think the Registry needs to show the real expiry date, not the new one
once they have auto-renewed.  I would couple this with a change in status as
well.  Perhaps "Active - pending renewal" or "Active - Post Expiration".

As a Registrar, I can always explicitly renew the domain, and the date will
forward by a year.

As well, on the 45 day, the Registry could forward the date by a year, as
the domain has now been auto-renewed beyond any cancellation period.

In this way, Registrants would see what the true expiry date is.

I concur that we will get a lot of complaints (and even possible lawsuits)
where the Registrant has a copy of the Registry whois which would seem to
indicate that the domain is NOT due to expire, and then the Registrar goes
and deletes it.


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Paul Stahura wrote:
> I agree. A more informative status expiration will
> increase renewals and decrease frustration and confusion.
> The registry knows that the name has not been paid for yet, correct?

How does the registry know that the name hasn't
been paid for?

Unfortunately I don't see a way that they are going to be
able to explain this in the whois. That is, that the
"date" is not really the expiration date, but it"maybe"
the expiration date, so check with the whois of your registrar.

The fact is, there is really no point to having the expiration
date appear if it isn't authoratative.
And if it does need to appear, the only solution
that I can think of is to encode it in some way that
the average user can't decipher, but someone who knows the
code can. Like the registrar or someone who has taken the
time to read an explanation of the date.

Expiration date 2004-01-01 could be
shown just as RXD20040101 or something
even more cryptic. That way an average
uninformed user wouldn't make a mistake when looking
at the registry whois and thinking his domain had not
expired as has correctly been pointed out.

> How about:
> "Expiration Date if name is renewed: 2004-01-01 (This name is pending
> deletion)"

Doesn't make sense to do this. What is the point of
saying "Expiration Date if name is renewed:" Once again, how would
the registry know if the registrar has or has not been paid.
A renew command doesn't need to be sent if the registry
has autorenewed the name. Only if it has not.

Larry Erlich


> Paul
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> From: Nezih Erkman [mailto:nezih@erkman.com]
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> To: VeriSign Global Registry Services
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> Subject: [registrars] WHOIS expiration date for Auto-renewed domains
> In the new WHOIS format, verisign-grs shows the status and expiration date
> for the domains which we all like the feature. However,
> there is a little problem with Auto-renewed domains:
> When the domain is auto-renewed, the registry has the new expiration date
> and this one is shown on the registry WHOIS without any
> other indicator that we or the registrant can tell whether the domain will
> is expired or not.
> This creates a problem, because, the registrant thinks that the domain is
> renewed, and asks us to correct our records according to
> the parent company (the Registry). Or, they don't even contact us thinking
> that there is nothing to worry, then all of a sudden, the
> domain is deleted.
> PS: This is also problem for the registrar transfers. The gaining
> will not know if the domain is Auto or Explicitly
> Renewed.
> Solution1:
>  Show the previous expiration date for the domains that are in the renewal
> grace period
> Solution2:
>  Show the auto-renewed date with an warning :
> ie: Expiration Date: 2004-01-01 (Temporary Expiration date)
> or
> PROJECTED Expiration Date: 2004-01-01
> Solution 3:
>  Show the auto-renewed date and use status field
> i.e. "status: AutoRenew Grace Period" or "status:Temporary Renew for 40
> days" or ."status: Pending for deletion" , etc.
> but NOT "status:AutoRenew", this would create more confusion.
> Best Regards,
> Nezih Jack Erkman
> R & K GBS, Inc.
> 000Domains.com
> 501-779-1934

Larry Erlich - DomainRegistry.com, Inc.
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