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Re: [registrars] Important Issues - Please Read


a few clarifications, inline.

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Michael D. Palage wrote:

Issues 1-3 are under active discussion by the Whois Implementation
committee. Resolving these are the exact scope of work the Implementation
committe has been tasked with by the NC, If anyone has comments they
should post them to Bruce Tonkin the chair of that committee.

> Issue #1 - What safeguard is there to prevent against abusive repetitive

> Turning to the second school of thought on inaccurate Whois data, I would
> encourage registrars to read the ICANN Security and Stability Committee that
> recently release a report of which Rick Wesson, our CTO was a principle
> author. This report proposes the following recommendations, see
> http://www.icann.org/committees/security/whois-recommendation-01dec02.htm :

To clarify I was the editor of the document, the DNSSAC is the author. The
DNSSAC committee met via teleconfrence with the whois tf last monday to
review the DNSSAC committee report. I believe that document was well
recieved by the Whois TF.


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