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RE: [registrars] [Policy-forum] FW: WHOIS POLICY VOTE (fwd)

Title: RE: [registrars] [Policy-forum] FW: WHOIS POLICY VOTE (fwd)

Rick - do you know how to submit public comments on this policy? Thanks

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The following motion passed by a vote of 6-0-0, with two members  of the
Policy Council (Ms. Tennant and Mr. Love) not participating in the vote.

Jeffrey J. Neuman
US Policy Council, Secretariat

Proposed Resolution US-0003:

Whereas, the .US Policy Council seeks to address the issue of accurate Whois

Whereas the .US Policy Council has developed an initial policy entitled "The
Importance of Accurate Whois Data in the .US Top-level Domain" which can be
found [below];

Resolved that in accordance with the .US Policy Council Charter, which can
be found  [below], the .US Policy Council requests comments from the usTLD
Administrator, NeuStar, Inc. on this proposed initial policy by  February
14, 2003.

The Importance of Accurate Whois Data in the .US Top-Level Domain

(Michael Palage)

The accuracy and access of Whois information is a topic of global discussion
and importance. Although there are currently underway various initiatives by
both the public and private sectors to address these problems, the accuracy
of Whois information within the .US top-level domain is of critical
importance with the potential launch of a .KIDS.US space. Although the
specifics of this proposed "green space" have not been finalized, it is
without question that the accuracy of data associated with any domain names
registered in this space is of paramount concern.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently
launched an initiative to assist third parties and registrars in identifying
and correcting inaccurate Whois information. Information about this program
can be found online at http://www.internic.net/cgi/rpt_whois/rpt.cgi
<http://www.internic.net/cgi/rpt_whois/rpt.cgi> . This program appears to
have been positively received in the community, as ICANN to date has already
received over 2,800 submissions. As with all initiatives, the first 2,800
submissions has identified certain issues that need to be addressed to
ensure that appropriate safeguard mechanisms are in place that take into
account the business realties of the marketplace to prevent against
unintended deletions of domain names.

Listed below are the proposed modifications that should be incorporated into
a formal Whois accuracy policy:

        NeuStar will operate a web-based reporting mechanism ("Whois
Accuracy Portal") by which parties can submit inquiries regarding the
accuracy of Whois data;

        NeuStar will employ appropriate automated mechanisms to prevent
inappropriate submissions to the Whois Accuracy Portal, however, there shall
be no requirement imposed on NeuStar to manually review these submissions
prior to forwarding them to the registrar of record for investigation;

        NeuStar will approve a standardized Whois Accuracy Inquiry Notice
(WAIN) prepared by accredited registrars in consultation with domain name
stakeholders regarding inquires about false or inaccurate Whois data;

        NeuStar shall require that registrars send the standardized WAIN to
their domain name registrant after receiving a notification of potentially
false or inaccurate Whois data via the Whois Accuracy Portal;

        Registrar or Registrant shall be required to respond to inquiries
regarding the accuracy of the Whois data within 30 days (note: this is an
increase from the current 15 day time period);

        Registrars shall be required to comply with reporting mechanisms
incorporated into the Whois Accuracy Portal to allow NeuStar to monitor
registrar compliance;

        Registrar specific information collected from this reporting
mechanism shall not be made public, however, NeuStar may provide summary
details regarding the success of the Whois Accuracy Portal.

        Registrars that are unable to verify the accuracy of the Whois data
or fail to receive instructions from the registrant within thirty (30) days
shall delete the name at the end of the thirty-day period.  The Registry
will place the name in a redemption grace period during which the Registrant
may only re-activate the domain name upon verification of the accuracy of
its Whois data.  At the end of the Redemption Grace Period the domain name
shall be made available to the general public if it has not been

        Registrar shall not remove the domain name from hold status or
renew the domain name until registrant has provided documented proof which
the registrar shall be required to retain;

        In the situation where the registrar receives a second inquiry
regarding the accuracy of Whois data for a specific domain name, the
Registrar shall require documented proof from the domain name registrant
within the 30 day time frame or have the domain name placed on hold in
accordance with the process described above;

        NeuStar shall incorporate into the Whois Accuracy Portal a
contractual requirement that third parties submitting Whois accuracy
inquiries acknowledge that the submission is not intended to interfere with
the lawful operations of the domain name registrant or registrar; and

        The Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) and the Registry
Registrar Agreement (RRA) should be appropriately amended to incorporate the
following requirements.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent a registrar from taking action (i.e.
deleting a domain name) in less than 30 days in appropriate circumstances,
including but not limited to fraudulently submitted Whois data.

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