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Re: [registrars] Nomination plus conflict of interest disclosure

Fellow Registrars,

Sorry for the delay in responding with a more detailed
acceptance, but this has been a nasty week :-)

Most of you know me, but I am assuming that some of the
newer members of the constituency have not had a chance
to work in depth with me yet.  For those of you who
have been around for a while, I am sure you will remember
that I was much more actively involved in this constituency
during the early days, including serving on the initial Names
Council, and also leading the defunct "Code of Conduct"
task force.

During the application process for new gTLD's I became
heavily active in Afilias's proposal, and following the
successful bid, in assisting in getting the company off
the ground.  Since I was working with the registry, and
also became involved in assisting the gTLD Registry
constituency, I purposely kept a low profile in the Registrar
constituency.  I have since then come back to the Registrar
side, but have not been extremely vocal, in part due to
frustration with the fact that we are discussing the same
issues we were discussing 3 years ago.

Despite many of ICANN's faults, I believe in a strong
ICANN, and I believe our future as registrars is better
with a healthy and functioning ICANN.  I believe that
I meet the criteria specified to serve on the nominating
committee (as do our other candidates.)  I have healthy
relationships with over half of the current board, as
well as the entire ICANN staff.  I also have very strong
ties to most of the players in the Asia Pacific region.
I believe perhaps my strongest point is my dislike of rhetoric,
and general distaste for politics (despite the fact that
ICANN is a political animal.)

With regard to my statement of conflicts of interest the
following are my affiliations and possible points of conflict
of interest:

I am the CTO of Global Media Online, which operates the
onamae.com (dba discount-domain.com) registrar, the largest
registrar in Japan.  GMO is also the largest hosting company
in Japan, operates a medium sized ISP, and has a number of
online advertising infrastructure subsidiaries.  I am also
the chairman of the board of Afilias.  I am involved in a
number of regional organizations either as a member or observer,
to include JPNIC, APRICOT, APNIC, MINC (I am no longer a
MINC board member) and many local Japanese Internet organizations.

Best regards,

PS:  Bob, thanks again for the nomination, I appreciate your

Robert F. Connelly wrote:

> At 01:13 PM 1/13/03 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>> As discussed in Registrar Executive Committee minutes from last week, the
>> Registrar Constituency needs to select a delegate to serve on the ICANN
>> Nominating Committee.
> PSI-Japan would like to nominate Richard Lindsay.  We  believe he is 
> strong in all points enumerated by Michael.  Regards, BobC

_/_/_/Global Media Online Inc.
_/_/_/Chief Technical Officer
_/_/_/Richard A. S. Lindsay
_/_/_/Shibuya Cerulean Tower
_/_/_/26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (150-8512) Japan
_/_/_/TEL (Reception):  81-3-5456-2687
_/_/_/TEL (Direct):  81-3-5456-2703
_/_/_/TEL (Cellular):  81-90-2534-0040
_/_/_/FACSIMILE:  81-3-5456-2740

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