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Re: [registrars] IDN Representative

Hi Tim,

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From: "Tim Ruiz" <tim@godaddy.com>
> Your two comments above have me concerned, and seem to conflict. I don't
> believe the current installed base of ad hoc IDN implementations should
> the consideration you imply.

As I have said in my previous message to Ross.  I would not consider ad hoc
IDN implementations or testbeds as "installed base".  I am more concerned
about the production systems around the world as well as the installed base
of existing DNS applications.

> Please keep in mind that first an foremost you
> represent registrars as a whole, not just those who have attempted their
> versions of an IDN implementation.

Understood.  I think Ross put it well:
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From: "Ross Wm. Rader" <ross@tucows.com>
> Lastly, please try to consider not so much what impact current
> registry/registrar technologies will have on  committee's recommendations,
> but rather what impact the committee's recommendations will have on
> registry/registrar technologies. The difference is slight, but I strongly
> believe that the former approach will allow the GNSO to progressively
> appropriate plans that benefits industry over the long term.


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