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[registrars] Regarding the GNSO

Hello Elana,

Actually the GNSO is already operational.  There has been a smooth transition from the old DNSO.  The ccNSO is in a much earlier state of evolution, and does not yet exist.

The first meeting of the GNSO Council was held by teleconference on 19 Dec 02.
I was re-elected as Chair of the GNSO Council until March 03 (which is a continuation of my 6 month term as Names Council chair as of 1 Sept 02).

The new policy development process is included in the new ICANN by-laws at:

The structure of the GNSO is included in the new ICANN by-laws at:

There has been a planned transition from the old DNSO to the GNSO, described in the transition article of the by-laws approved in Amsterdam in Dec 02.  See section 5 of:

From a budget point of view, the GNSO continues under the same budget procedures as the DNSO until 1 July 03.  Thus the registrar constituency will be invoiced as a whole for approximately $5000 in dues for the first half of 2003.  After that time, ICANN will centrally fund some staff support for the GNSO (ie registrars will need to pay more to ICANN through the normal ICANN budget process for the year 1 July 03 to 30 June 04).

The 3 representatives from each constituency continue until the annual meeting of ICANN in 03 (towards the end of the year).  For registrars the three representatives are Bruce Tonkin, Ken Stubbs, and Philip Grabensee (all elected for a two year term beginning January 02).

The new Nominating Committee will appoint 3 additional members of the GNSO for this year.
The Government Advisory Committee and the At Large organisation can each appoint a liaison to the GNSO.

The administrative steps for the Registrars constituency are (in order of priority):
- elect a representative on the ICANN Nominating Committee (which in turn selects some ICANN Board seats before March 03, and also 3 additional seats on the GNSO Council)
- revise our operating procedures as a GNSO constituency by 15 July 03
- later this year (e.g around Sept/Oct) elect two registrar representatives on the GNSO to replace the three representatives whose terms expire at the end of the 2003 annual general meeting of ICANN

Bruce Tonkin
GNSO Council

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