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[registrars] A new way to defraud registrars;-(

Dear Colleagues:

We just discovered a new way to cheat registrars;-(

Registrant registered in mid 2002.

Registrant (or somebody) renewed this month for 8 years.

This fraudulent charge a subset of the "new 10 year registration" scam.  It 
could not be renewed for more than 8 years. so that's what he did.

Credit Card holder called me this morning.  Took a while to track it 
down.  Verisign said that since the charge had been made less then 5 days 
ago, we could delete the domain and get credited for the 8 year charge.

The registrant gave an address in South America.  The original registration 
was done with a different credit card.

Something new for us all to worry about;-(

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all:-)

Cordially, BobC

Things are *so* organized in our town!
    How organized are they?
They are so organized that --
         even the boulevard stop signs are synchronized;-}

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