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RE: [registrars] Call for registrars to participate in an implementation analysis for TRANSFERS

At 11:01 AM 12/24/02 -0500, Gomes, Chuck wrote:
>constructive dialog

Dear Chuck:  I appreciate your comment.  But the operative words are 
"constructive dialog".  I have seen that as a missing element of much that 
is going on in this debate.

Duane contacted Elana in Shanghai with a specific grievance and she passed 
him off with the statement that they have their rules and there can be no 

The problem was that their system was to send a complex message in English 
which the registrant could not understand.

One of the elements of the proposed settlement is that the lack of a reply 
should not justify a nack.

Regards, BobC

Things are *so* organized in our town!
    How organized are they?
They are so organized that --
         even the boulevard stop signs are synchronized;-}

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