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RE: [registrars] Call for registrars to participate in an implementation analysis for TRANSFERS

At 03:51 PM 12/16/02 -0500, Elana Broitman wrote:
>Bruce - I would like to volunteer for this implementation task force.  As 
>you know, Register.com has been very involved in transfer issues.  I had 
>worked with Ross last fall to draft a set of transfers recommendations, 
>which make up a majority of the Transfers Report.  I have also worked 
>substantially on the more recent transfers principles.  These days, 
>Register.com has seen the potential compromise that protects consumers and 
>makes transfers easier.

PSI-Japan *strongly* objects to having Register.com participate in the 
implementation task force.  Register.com has been one of the most 
objectionable in their handling of transfers.

By contrast, we have had relatively few problems with NSI.  We have a 
contract with NSI, a "reciprocity agreement".

As a result of recurrent problems with Register.com, we have imposed a 
policy of nacking all requests for transfers to Register.com.

Regards, BobC

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