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Re: [registrars] Meeting Update

So we're going to try to put this entire thing together is about 6 weeks? 
Why is it we're in such a hurry?


--On Friday, August 09, 2002 12:11 PM -0400 "Michael D. Palage" 
<michael@palage.com> wrote:

> Hello All:
> Here is the latest and greatest. It was decided yesterday during an
> teleconference by the Registrar Executive Committee that the registrar
> meeting would be held in Amsterdam. If there are North American registrars
> that are interested in attending a pre-meeting on the 18th prior to the
> FTC meeting then a meeting room can be arranged. This potential
> pre-meeting (approx 3 hours) would be limited to the following scaled
> down agenda: preparation of Whois background information to facilitate a
> productive meeting with the FTC on Thursday; revised documentation on the
> transfer problem - MIT & TUCOWS originally had done some excellent work
> on a document that provided both technical and legal arguments for the
> transfer problem; and possible meeting on ICANN reform and restructuring
> with DoC
> representatives if available, still awaiting confirmation of possible
> availability on this date.
> The registrars constituency's official meeting would be held on Saturday
> with a full 8 hour session. Topics for discussion would be: .org
> redelegation update; ICANN DNSO Board election; ICANN reform &
> restructuring; Transfers Update; Whois update; Registrar Code of Conduct;
> and potential by-law revisions.
> I would also like to hold a panel discussion or informational session on
> either Friday afternoon or Sunday morning to discuss the .EU proposed
> top-level domain. I would ask help from my European colleagues to possibly
> get someone from the EU to address the registrar community on this issue
> as part of a panel discussion. I am open for suggestions but believe
> maximum participation would necessitate this session being held on Friday
> afternoon.
> The exact hotel facility will be confirmed during our Monday afternoon
> conference call. I believe notwithstanding the exact date/time of the .EU
> panel discussion, people can begin to make travel arrangements.
> Best regards,
> Mike

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