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RE: [registrars] Voting Results

OK, I'm all for democratic method of deciding this. But given the situation
with the FTC meeting, why not just hold it near DC immediately following
that meeting. It would certainly take some burden off of the attending
Registrars trying to make both, and again, with ICANN meetings NOT in the US
through next year it seems only fair that the ONLY options for this meeting
be in US anyway.


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Subject: [registrars] Voting Results

Ken Stubbs provided the Registrar Executive Committee with the following
tabulation of voting that occurred on the list. Although these numbers were
not independently confirmed, they did seem consistent with the voting that
was submitted.

15 Amsterdam
1 phl


15 = Europe
12 = north america
xx =ambivalent

Best regards,


P.S. Ken, thanks again for the manual tabluation.

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