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Re: [registrars] IP Conflict mails and deadline of 20th March

Dear Fernando,

Bhavin is absolutely right. NeuLevel should not rush this phase.

Please announce asap an extension of the deadline, personally
I think it would be best after eastern, respect that registrants may
are in vacation, too.

Best regards,

Bhavin Turakhia schrieb:

> Hi,
> It is 14th March and we find around 4000 IP Conflict mails have been sent
> out. This means it is likely to take another 5 days (or more) for sending
> out all Conflict mails. That means the last of the mails will reach on end
> of March 19th (or beginning March 20th).
> Based on this it may be necessary to increase the deadline to 25th March due
> to the following reasons
> * because it takes a long time to send your Conflict mails, the IP Claimants
> who got them in the beginning have had 10 days to respond to them, vis-a-vis
> IP Claimants who got them on the last day. This would diffrentiate between
> the IP Claimants by giving very little time period to some of them.
> Considering that all ip claimants have paid the $90, it would be unfair to
> give a 1000 of them only 1 day to respond, and another 1000 2 days to
> respond etc.
> * We have found that significant number of customers mails have either
> bounced back, or have autoresponders. There maybe several clients who have
> entered wrong email addresses, as well as clients who are out of town. These
> clients will miss out on their applications and may create legal trouble for
> both registrars and the registry for changing the schedule at the last
> minute
> Best Regards
> Bhavin Turakhia
> Directi
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