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Re: [registrars] VRSN NOC Tour


For the record I am very much against having to sign an NDA to attend a
reception; especially when there is less than 48 hours notice of the NDA
as a requirement before said reception.

In the future I suggest the excom not accept any such offers with the
requirement to sign an NDA.

I am disappointed that VGRS requires us to sign an NDA to attend the
reception, I view this as anti-competitive as the term of the NDA is for
3 years.

I dont think I will be able to comply with their new requirement and
probably won't attend their gathering as long as an NDA is required.

A text copy of the language in the NDA is reproduced below.


The text of the sample DNA, typed by hand as the PPT mike atached in his
previous note was an image... any typos are mine.

1. Proprietary information is technical and business information
describing or related to the business activities of VeriSign and which;
(1) VeriSign has generated at private expense and holds in confidence, or
(2) VeriSign has received from third parties under an obligation to
maintain as confenidental.

2. Signatory agrees not to disclose the Proprietary information to any
third party and not to use it for signatory's own use except as required
to perform contracted services for VeriSign.

3. The signatory agrees to limit disclosure of Proprietary information
received from VeriSign to only those employees with a need to know.

4. the obligations and duties set forth hereunder shall continue for a
period of three(3) years from the receipt by the signatory.

Please note that your signature on this line indicates that you have read
the preceding confidential nondisclosure agreement and have agreed to
abide by its content.


On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Michael D. Palage wrote:

> As a security measure, VeriSign Registry will require that all Registrars
> entering our facilities for the reception on Friday, February 15th
> (7pm-9:30pm) sign a non disclosure agreement (see below). This may be filled
> out on site.  In addition, please bring one form of identification (drivers
> license or passport). As a reminder, the bus will pick up Registrars in
> front of the Dulles Marriott at 7pm on Friday.
> Attached is a copy of the NDA that VRSN will require registrars to sign
> prior to touring the NOC.
> Best regards,
> Michael D. Palage

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