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[registrars] Registrar Meeting

Listed below is the finalized agenda for this week's meeting in Dulles on
February 16 & 17.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage
Registrar Constituency Chair



Time:		7:30pm - 9:30pm ET
Event:	VeriSign Registrar Partner Reception:  A cocktail party to showcase
VeriSign's Network Operations Center (NOC).  VeriSign will provide tours of
our NOC, complimentary beverages and heavy appetizers will be served.


Time:		8:00 - 8:15
Topic:	Welcome and agenda
Speaker:	Executive Committee and Names Council Representatives
Discussion:	Membership update, status of 2002 invoices, account balance,
2002 agenda, clarification of last by-law vote on multiple registrars

Time: 	8:15 - 8:45
Topic:	Anti-Trust Primer
Speaker:	Veronica G. Kayne
Veronica G. Kayne, former Assistant Director of the Federal Trade Commission
’s (FTC’s) Bureau of Competition, Anticompetitive Practices Division.
Discussion:	We need to be more aware of anti-trust issues, and the criminal
and civil penalties for violations of the law.

Time:		8:45 - 9:30
Topic:	Delete Issue
Speaker:	Rick Wesson
Discussion:	Status of current WLS proposal and the registrars response.
Discussion of a modified WLS service or alternate proposal. Status of
VeriSign bulk deletes.

Time:		9:30 - 10:15
Topic:	Transfer Issue
Speakers:	Ross Rader, Marilyn Cade & Michael Palage
Discussion:	Update on the NC Transfer Task Force. Discussion of the revised
registrant survey form. Preview of EPP Authorization Code issues.

Time: 	10:15 - 10:30

Time:		10:30	- 11:00
Topic:	VGRS Organizational Changes
Speaker:	Chuck Gomes
Discussion:	Overview of organizational changes within VGRS

Time: 	11:00 - 11:45
Topic:	EPP Authorization Code and Transfer
Speakers:	Panel Discussion moderated by Palage, panelists Rick Wesson, Ram
Mohan, Scott Hollenbeck
Discussion: Overview of the technical and policy considerations involving
transfer in the EPP registries.

Time:		11:45 - 12:15
Topic:	Afilias update on Sunrise Bulk Challenge
Speaker:	Ram Mohan
Discussion:	Summary of the actions taken to date in connection with the
Sunrise Bulk Challenge with tentative dates and methods for the equitable
reallocation of domain names.

Time:		12:15 - 1:30


Time:		1:30 - 2:00
Topic:	NeuStar Registry Services
Speaker:	TBA
Discussion:	Discussion on the launch of .US Sunrise program and other .US

Time:		2:00 - 3:00
Topic:	Whois Task Force & Universal Whois
Speaker:	Phillip Grabensee, Tim Denton & Marilyn Cade
Discussion:	Update on the progress of the Names Council's Whois task force
and a discussion on VeriSign's Universal Whois and what it means for us.

Time: 	3:00 - 3:30
Topic:	New Registry Service Offerings
Speakers:	Executive Committee
Discussion:	Development of protocols on new registry service offerings.

Time:		3:30 - 3:45

Time:		3:45 - 4:15
Topic:	Registrar Escrow
Speakers:	Executive Committee
Discussion:	Update on Escrow.

Time: 	4:15 - 5:00
Topic:	Whois Data Accuracy
Speaker:	Michael Palage
Discussion:	In light of contractual requirements incorporated into our ICANN
accreditation agreements and the registry-registrar agreements, coupled with
the recent letter sent to registrars what are we doing, or what do we need
to do to address this issue.


Time:		6:00 - ?
Event:	NeuStar's Registrar Welcome Reception and Tour at our Network
Operations Center (NOC)in Sterling, VA on Saturday, February 16th at 6pm.
Following the reception, adjourn to Angelo & Maxie's Steak House in Reston,
VA for dinner, drinks and
great conversation with NeuStar executives and your Registrar Relations
Team! Group transportation will be provided. That's a full evening...NeuStar


Time:		8:00 - 8:30
Topic:	GNR
Speakers:	Hakon Haugnes and Gertrude Bakel
Discussion:	Making .name a Successful Business Proposition for Registrars

Time: 	8:30 - 9:00
Topic:	Names Council Update
Speakers:	Names Council Representatives
Discussion:	Update on Names Council activities

Time:		9:00 - 9:30
Topic:	Registry Advantage - New Registration Opportunities
Speaker:	Jordyn Buchanan
Discussion:	Discussion of Register.com's registry outsource division which
provides real-time registration capabilities for a number of ccTLDs

Time:		9:30 - 9:45
Topic: 	.ORG Re-delegation
Speaker:	Executive Committee
Discussion:	As the .org redelegation moves forward, it becomes vitally
important that registrars have a voice in the redelegation process in light
of the 2.5 million customers we currently provide domain name registration

Time: 	9:45 - 10:30
Topic:	.NET Base line criteria
Speakers:	Executive Committee
Discussion:	Review of base line criteria set forth in the .NET agreement

Time:		10:30 - 10:45

Time:		10:45 - 11:30
Topic:	ICANN Restructuring/ ALSC
Speakers:	Executive Committee
Discussion:	What will/should the registrar's role be in a restructured

Time:		11:30 - 12:30
Topic:	Action items prior to Ghana & close of meeting
Speakers:	Executive Committee


* - denotes voting representative

Iholdings.com d/b/a Dotregistrar.com - JP Vazquez*
BulkRegister - Donna McGehee, Tom D'Alleva*, and Shelley Evans.
Intercosmos (directNIC) Ezra Hodge, Michael Brunson* and Sigmund Solares.
NameScout.com - Dr. Bruce Firestone, Stephanie Fewster, Michael Arrington
Omnis Network - James Fromm*
VeriSign - Bruce Beckwith*
Rcom - Elana Briotman*, Brandon Paine
Alice Registry - Rick Wesson*
InterAccess - Bryan Evans*
TUCOWS - Ross Rader*, Tim Denton, Scott Allan, Jacqui Cook, Elliot Noss, Liz
Deutshe Telekom - Henning Grote*, Torsten Bohemann
FranceTelecom / Transpac - Christophe Wolfhugel*
eMarkMonitor - Margie Milam*
007Names (formerly Webtrends) - Joyce Lynn*
DomainBank - Steve Heflin, Scott Hemphill*
Active ISP - Steinar Grøtterød*
EPAG - Phillip*
Melbourne IT - Bruce Tonkin, Adrian Kloeden, Andrew Field
Ascio Technologies (Speednames) - Tina Dam*
Registration Technologies, RegistrationTek - Jim Archer*
GoDaddy - Tim Ruiz*
eNom - Paul Stahura*
PSI-Japan - Bob Connelly* and Jane Connelly
IARegistry - David Wascher* and Ann ?
Ken Stubbs
Virtual Internet - Tom Turcan* and Alex Liesche
Gandi - Patrick Mevzek*
DomainPeople - Christopher Kruk*
Nordnet - Scott Jung*
CSC - Gretchen Olive and John Kane*
NetNames - Jonathan Robinson* and Gary Boyd
Schlund.de - Eric Schaetzlein*, Tom Keller
R & K GBS, Inc, 000Domains.com - Nezih Jack Erkman* and Tayfun Bilgin
Joker.com - Siegfried Langenbach*
Interdomain - Roberto Laorden* & Antonio Bocigas
BookMyName SAS - Gerald BERNARD*
Neteka - Greg Bertrand*
DomainSite - 1

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