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Re: [registrars] RC WLS Comments

Hi Rick...

We will probably submit some more questions before the deadline, but we 
would like to see the official response for today ask:

Has Verisign investigated with actual attorneys the legal ramifications on 
Registrars of engaging in what could potentially be ruled a commodities 
market?  Does Verisign offer any assurances from actual legal staff that 
this type of product is legal?  We would like to see this issue addressed 
along with the anti-trust issue, which the document you circulated does 
raise.  A written opinion from Verisign legal staff would be most helpful.

Will Verisign release the actual proposed service agreement for comments at 
some point before a decision to deploy WLS is made? We can not properly 
evaluate any WLS proposal unless it includes all important documents, the 
service agreement being the most important.

Will Verisign release criteria for what constitutes an acceptable education 
program for the WLS service.  We note that only Registrars who conduce an 
education campaign acceptable to Verisign will be eligible for rebate.  Any 
education campaign waged by us would likely clearly warn the consumer that 
a wait can not be refunded and will likely expire, with the consumer having 
no domain name.  Such a warning is the only proper way to proceed and is 
probably required from a legal standpoint.  Would a warning such as this 
disqualify a registrar from receiving a rebate?

Have any financial projections been created for WLS, for both the Registry 
and registrars?  If so, we would like to see them.



--On Friday, February 08, 2002 10:14 AM -0800 Rick H Wesson 
<wessorh@ar.com> wrote:

> Registrars:
> The Drafting team put togther a number of questions and a small commentary
> to be submitted to VGRS today. Atached are a Word Doc and a HTML page of
> the draft document.
> Please comment on this Draft, if there are no major objections I'll submit
> a final version to Chuck Gomes by the deadline of midnight Feb 8, 2002.
> I'd also like to thank the WLSDraftingTeam for their input and work on
> this document. Please send your comments to this list and CC the Drafting
> team at WLSDraftingTeam@ar.com
> thanks,
> -rick

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Registration Technologies, Inc.
10 Crestview Drive
Greenville, RI 02828
voice: 401-949-4768
fax: 401-949-5814

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