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Re: [registrars] RC WLS Comments

Thank you all for this well prepared document which we completely agree on
the questions.

PS: You may want to remove the question
"e) What happens at the end of the year to the subscriptions if the WLS
trial is not approved to continue?  Do the people that bought subscriptions
in the previous month lose their position ?  Would there be refunds ?"

Because, the revised WLS document states:
"Subscriptions continuing beyond the end of the trial period would continue
to be serviced by VGRS and registrars."

Best Regards,

Nezih Jack Erkman
R & K GBS, Inc.
Cell: 501-779-1934
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From: "Rick H Wesson" <wessorh@ar.com>
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Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 12:14 PM
Subject: [registrars] RC WLS Comments

> Registrars:
> The Drafting team put togther a number of questions and a small commentary
> to be submitted to VGRS today. Atached are a Word Doc and a HTML page of
> the draft document.
> Please comment on this Draft, if there are no major objections I'll submit
> a final version to Chuck Gomes by the deadline of midnight Feb 8, 2002.
> I'd also like to thank the WLSDraftingTeam for their input and work on
> this document. Please send your comments to this list and CC the Drafting
> team at WLSDraftingTeam@ar.com
> thanks,
> -rick

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