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Re: [registrars] Constituency Position - .ORG

"...but just goes to address other issues/proposals that may be taking place
after the Task Force proposal was released."

This casts a different light on the issue. If the proposal is still under
negotiation, then we need to make sure that our interests are appropriately

My preference would be to reword the minority report to stress the fact that
we are happy with the current report, but would be opposed to modifications
that haven't had the benefit of TF dialogue. Its one thing to request
community input, its completely another to rewrite what was previously held
to be consensus.

If we feel that a rewrite is possible, then we need to enumerate the
principles embodied in the current document that we support and view as the
immutable portions of the fabric. This approach would provide clearer
definition and guidance to the NC and the Board as to what our actual agenda
and requirements are. As written, I don't feel that the minority report goes
far enough down this path.


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