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[registrars] Re: concerns of a client abt .INFO Challenge

Dear Bhavin:
Afilias has modified its Sunrise challenge policy to explicitly address the
concern that you have raised in your email.  Under the changed rules, all
winning challengers are required to provide proof of trademark ownership
before a name will be transferred to them.  Further details are at:

Please note that Afilias intends to file challenges against a significant
number of sunrise domains that have been registered using facially invalid
information.  We have taken note of the domains and/or individuals you have
highlighted in this missive, and appreciate this and any further information
you may have in this regard.

Best Regards,
Ram Mohan
Vice President, Business Operations
p: +1-215-504-4610; f: +1-215-504-1758
e: rmohan@afilias.info

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From: "Bhavin Turakhia" <bhavin.t@directi.com>
To: "Registrars@Dnso. Org" <registrars@dnso.org>
Cc: <rlaplante@afilias.info>; "Ram Mohan" <rmohan@afilias.info>; "Dan
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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 7:37 AM
Subject: concerns of a client abt .INFO Challenge

> Sunrise Challenge Another EYE WASH.
> The  Afilias  appointed  W.I.P.O.  to handle the Sunrise challenges of
> registry  and lot of people in this World including me believes that  the
> W.I.P.O.  will gives its decision after cross verifying the Trademark
> from  the  concern  country  but I think W.I.P.O. is failed  in  doing
> and due to this lot of Genuine Trademark holder terminated  their
> as they think that W.I.P.O. gave decision only after cross verifying the
> fact.
> Today  W.I.P.O. has given the list of successful challengers and to my
> surprise majority of challenges are false claims as it is evident from the
> fact  that  Mr.  Jeffrey E. Kubiak has successfully challenged 15 domains
> like  etickets.info,  jobs.info, gambling.info, america.info,
> trucks.info,  tickets.info,  travel.info,  chatrooms.info,  cars.info,
> blinds.info,  franchise.info,  golf.info,  mortgage.info, gamble.info,
> homedecorating.info
> and  Mr.Jeff  Davies  has  successfully  challenged 23 domains on wide
> verity   of  subjects  like  hotel.info,  florida.info,  orlando.info,
> airline.info,  flight.info,  internet.info,  cargo.info, auction.info,
> bank.info, medical.info, investment.info, legal.info, creditcard.info,
> fashion.info,    vacation.info,   immigration.info,   retirement.info,
> usopen.info,  usa.info,  nursinghome.info, tennis.info, diabetes.info,
> cruise.info
> And     Others     like     Mr.    Allen    Threadgill    (9)    like:
> adoption.info,domainnames.info,     museums.info,    restaurants.info,
> lawyers.info,     cosmetics.info,    timeshares.info,    storage.info,
> warehouses.info.
> and Simon Steinle (5) like: computers.info, games.info, freeporn.info,
> porn.info, weather.info,
> and Raj Kosuri ( 3 ) like: home.info, office.info, work.info, got the
> domains on wide verity of trademarks.
> That  is surprising fact that lot people below them has terminated the
> challenge as they think that W.I.P.O. has given the ruling in the case so
> will be true as they would have checked the Trademark.

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