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RE: [registrars] Fw: [nc-org] Price discrimination

Ken - why don't we set up a call about this issue (i'm sure that we'd be
willing to fund it), but it seems like there's alot of traffic at the NC
level about how registrars will be able to sell this TLD.  This is the time
to gather registrar input, so that we can weigh into the TF proposal.


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Subject: [registrars] Fw: [nc-org] Price discrimination


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From: "Milton Mueller" <Mueller@syr.edu>
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Subject: Re: [nc-org] Price discrimination

 I don't see how a registrar's customer relations would 
 be harmed if all registrars had to do the same thing.
 But from the customer standpoint, I agree that such 
 a policy could disrupt their expectations and lead to
 some consternation. Of course, in some ways that's
 exactly what we would want it to do: instead of 
 ASSUMING that they had to treat all TLDs as the same,
 price discrimination would make them think twice.

> >>> "Ken Stubbs" <kstubbs@digitel.net> 12/18/01 02:55PM >>>
> I dont believe that this proposal makes any real sense. It could easily
> create serious "customer relations" problems with the registrar.
> The best incentive for conforming registrations is a good "branding"
> program. This brings the consumer to the registrar with a more "clearly
> defined" buying decision and avoids confusion and the resultant "customer
> service" issues
> ken stubbs
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> From: "Milton Mueller" <Mueller@syr.edu>
> To: <nc-org@dnso.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 2:44 PM
> Subject: [nc-org] Price discrimination
> >
> > One of the more interesting ideas to come out
> > of my consultations within NCDNHC might be
> > a feasible way to help differentiate the org domain.
> >
> > It was proposed to price discriminate between
> > people who hold the same name in .org as they
> > hold in .com, and perhaps also .net.
> >
> > E.g., if you register a .org name and you also hold
> > the identical .com string, the registry charges
> > twice as much for the registration. The registrar
> > would have to pass that on to customers.
> >
> > It would NOT be easy to check, but at least
> > the check would be completely objective,
> > rather than potentially subjective like whether
> > an organization is sufficiently "noncommercial."
> > I.e., either a matching string is registered by
> > the same party in the other domain or it does not.
> >
> > But even this strikes me as a bit fussy.
> > --MM
> >
> >

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