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[registrars] FW: Support for Ross Rader

This is from Milton Mueller, of Syracuse University. I am sending it on to
the list, after some consideration for what my role should be. As secretary,
I shall send any endorsements of candidates I receive from non-members of
this list, who
1. have knowledge of the facts;
2.wish to communicate their views in this election, or others,
3. which are pertinent
4. and not manifestly libellous.

I take no position on anything Milton writes. It is for the constituency to

Timothy Denton, BA,BCL
Secretary, ICANN-Registrars Constituency
37 Heney Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1N 5V6
1-613-789-5397 Ottawa
1-819-842-2238 North Hatley

-----Original Message-----
From: Milton Mueller [mailto:mueller@syr.edu]
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2001 1:54 PM
To: tmdenton@magma.ca
Subject: Support for Ross Rader

Feel free to forward this message to anyone
you think needs to read it.

I have been on the Names Council for nearly
a year now, and have chaired one Task Force
(dot org), co-chaired another, and participated
in several.

After that kind of experience one gets a
very strong notion of what kind of a person
and what kind of activities are required to
serve the interests of a constituency and
of the DNSO as a whole.

It is my opinion that active and committed
participation is the key. And to be frank,
registrar representatives have often failed
on that score. In the .org TF we went for
more than a month without any participation
from the registrar rep. Despite the
crucial impact .org divestiture will have on
your interests, we never did succeed in
getting solid, detailed proposals from your
constituency. All along, we have had to
basically guess what was and was not acceptable
to your constituency.

That is why I was delighted to learn recently
that Ross Rader was running for the Names
Council seat. I have seen him in action on
the Transfers task force and he has been
on top of everything. He participates
actively, submits thoughtful and creative
ideas, and can work well and reach out to
those with different or even conflicting

We also need, badly, higher levels of
technical expertise at the Names Council
which is another strength of Ross's.

Policy development is a complex process that
requires patience and an ability to listen
and look at things from different perspectives.
I am extremely confident that Ross Rader would
be an unusually effective member of the Names

I don't know what his chances are but if
there is anything I can do to help please
let me know how.

Milton Mueller
Syracuse University
NC Rep (NA), noncommercial constituecy

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