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Re: [registrars] SERIOUS Registry issue

I can verify the same - it might be a glitch or it could be that the domain
JUST got deleted today, but the zone servers haven't updated yet, but that
would only work if the domain was deleted during its lifetime or in the
first 5 days of creation, non?

I noticed a similar situation last month when byte.org went AWOL. It was
deleted and re-registered in the morning, but it took until ~5:00EST for the
root servers to change because of the delay in publishing - it was almost 12
hours before everything got sync'ed and I realized that I no longer
controlled the name.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Bhavin Turakhia" <bhavin.t@directi.com>
To: "Registrars@Dnso. Org" <registrars@dnso.org>
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 8:11 AM
Subject: [registrars] SERIOUS Registry issue

> I checked a domain name called callcenterindia.org. On doing a WHOIS query
> at http://www.internic.net i get a NO MATCH found....
> upon doing a check availability on this domain name through RRP it shows
> available.
> however when I check the domain name it is in the registry DNS servers.
> Infact you can actually visit the website. This situation can only arise
> the domain was deleted from the registry database, but not deleted from
> root servers. which is a VERY serious issue (unless i have wrongly
> interpreted it) - since I believe it means that the Registry database is
> in synch with the root servers.
> When a domain nameis normally deleted it is placed on registry-hold. which
> means for 5 days the registry would not show it as available - however it
> would be removed from the zone files. here however is a domain that has
> removed from the registry dbase but appears in the zone files. can someone
> explain this situation to me?
> > server a.gtld-servers.net.
> Default Server:  a.gtld-servers.net
> Address:
> > callcenterindia.org.
> Server:  a.gtld-servers.net
> Address:
> Name:    callcenterindia.org
> Served by:
>           callcenterindia.org
>           callcenterindia.org
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> Bhavin Turakhia
> Directi
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