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RE: [registrars] North American Seat

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.  There are still a
few questions that I would like to ask or have clarified.

> Thanks for the inquiry and I will be happy to answer your questions..
> Q # 1 & 2.
> Donny ...
> I note on your company's website (
> http://www.directnic.com/legal/opensrs_policy.php)  that your Company,
> Intercosmos Media  has had contractual relationships with Tucows and
> that
> your company , has acted as a re-seller for & used Tucows to process
> manage your domain registrations.

Yes, directNIC.com was a reseller of the OpenSRS system, just as I am
sure a few other registrars have been in the past.  I would almost
consider it to an incubator for companies wanting to sell domain names.
We were able to learn how the business works before becoming accredited.

> As such,  I would assume that you are quite familiar with re-seller
> models
> that was originally conceived by CORE back in 1998 so I apologize if
> of
> this material is "redundant' to you .
> I am vice president of Domain Names International which is one of the
> original CORE members and has utilized the CORE SRS to register
> since CORE became an active registrar. As chairman of CORE, I was
> involved in the development and activities of the CORE SRS and
> to
> the most current Snapnames report, CORE has in excess of 750,00 names
> under
> management. Our company Domain Names International has registered many
> domains thru CORE. I don't have any nor do I anticipate any consulting
> arrangements with other registrars.

About Domain Names International, since I seemed to have made a mistake
in my first questions with assuming that the company was ICANN
accredited, sorry for that assumption.  I did originally look on the
CORE website and found the reference to web2010.com, but that domain
redirected to http://hostcentric.com/, so I assumed that was the wrong
domain.  But now it seems like web2010.com is the domain name for Domain
Names International.  Why does to domain redirect to hostcentric.com?
Is the company out of business or has the company been sold?  I thought
maybe web2010.com was purchased and handling the domain sales for
hostcentric.com, but they are using alldomains.com to register domains.
So is web2010.com, the website for Domain Names International?

> 3.  Your assumption here is not correct Donny.
> I do not own any share of stock in Afilias. I represent CORE on
> Board of directors and  also Represent CORE at Afilias member - owner
> meetings (I believe Ross has been the Tucow's representative)
> Only Icann- Accredited Registrars can own stock in Afilias.

Very good answer, but what about the rest of the question.  
Will you disclose who you own shares with and what percentage of the
company you own or how many shares?  And what positions you have with
which companies.

> 5. answer...This would be my "second term".

Is this because you only served an interim term the first time?  I know
in my city if you serve an interim term that is considered to be a full
term.  If you are the vice-president of the United States and the
president dies and you become the president that is considered 1 term.
What makes this different?

> ICANN REGISTRAR  WITH A SIMILIAR NAME "#1 Domain Names International,
> Incorporated"

As I mentioned above, sorry for that.  Research is not my specialty.  :)

Also you didn't answer the original question for #9.
What are you personal views on alt.roots? What about those of your 
company?  I remember reading yesterday somewhere about your problems
with installing the new.net software.

Thanks again for all of your time.

Donny Simonton

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