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[registrars] Disclosure Amendment


I indicated earlier this past week that if there were any questions
concerning the interests of my firm or myself that *might* require further
clarification due to the Constituency conflict of interest guidelines that I
would be happy to pass a clarification on to the entire Constituency.
Earlier today I receive such a question that requires further disclosure to
the entire group. I am not sure that this has any bearing on any issues that
I am currently representing the constituency on, however as I mentioned, it
is the perception of conflict that matters, not the fact of conflict.

ObDisclosure: Tucows provides registrar infrastructure services to a number
of registrars. This includes complete technical infrastructure management
for registrar operations (ie whois, registry protocol access, API
interfaces, database management, etc.) but does not include policy, sales,
marketing or support management services. It is our corporate policy not to
disclose who our customers are unless they choose to disclose it first, so I
am unable to "name names". I am not personally involved in the management of
these relationships or services in the normal course of my job with Tucows.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to drop me a



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