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[registrars] Revised contact sheet


Please find the most updated contact sheet for Registrars Constituency
member firms & their voting and observational members.  If any other
changes should be made, please let me know.  Otherwise, this list will
be considered authoritative for the upcoming election for NC officers.
I don't plan on posting any more updates until just before the election
begins (unless there are substantial changes in a short period of time).

EPAG, Intercosmos and Stargate are in the process of applying to the
constituency, and will hopefully be added to the list shortly.  If any
other registrars are in the process of applying to the constituency,
please let me know, so I can keep an eye out for your dues payment and
ensure you will be able to vote in the election.


Bryan Evans
DNSO Registrars Constituency

Registrars Constituency Member List.xls

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