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[registrars] RE: [icann-delete] Let the debates begin

I would like to know of the people / registaras that looking into this
process how many are using Snapnames already and or are providing backend
systems for them. I know that Ross had asked the same thing the other day.

David W.

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I'll let Bruce speak for himself, but in my mind the methodology of the
random selection is an implementation decision that is probably best left to
the implementor. We also didn't mention the infrastructure that these
processes should run on ;)

With that being said, I could be wrong in this estimation and if a
reasonable argument to the contrary can be made, I'm sure that Bruce and I
could consider including some RSPs in the proposal.


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Subject: [icann-delete] Let the debates begin

> Ross and Bruce have now delivered their proposal, and by the way, it is
> excellent !  Great job guys !  I am always pleased to see two competitors
> work together on something of mutual interest.
> We now have 2 proposals on the table.  I think debate should begin on the
> merits of both (and any clarification required).
> In a few days, I will take a straw poll to see where we are leaning, and
> where we should be concentrating our efforts.
> Let me be the first to start with a question:   Bruce and Ross:  Have you
> given any thought to the "random selection process" that your paper
> describes ?  I know there were a couple of different ones used in the new
> TLD's, and you conspicuously did not pick one .... is there a reason for
> that ?  Where there discussion on various models ?
> Werner: I think you also had some ideas on the selection process at the
> meeting in MVD - do you want to weigh in here too ?
> Rob.

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