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[registrars] Recommendations to VGRS to Modify Registered Name Deletion Processes


Comments on this document are sincerely welcomed. For those of you that are
receiving this, but have not yet joined the "Delete-BoF", please feel free
to join the discussion by sending a message to
icann-delete-request@total.confusion.net with the text "subscribe" as the
body of the message. If you have comments, but do not wish to join the
group, please feel free to forward your thoughts to one of the authors who
will be happy to forward your remarks to the group.


Verisign-GRS has requested that interested ICANN participants provide VGRS
with recommendations that will assist them in addressing the challenges
faced by the registry during the domain name deletion cycle.

There are a number of possible solutions to this problem, so it is important
VGRS adopt a solution that conforms to the basic principles endorsed by
ICANN stakeholders.

This proposal attempts to document these basic principles and proposes a
simple recommendation that will allow VGRS to undertake a rational delete
cycle process without inadvertently harming or hinder the various

This document is not intended to act as a "final offer" from various ICANN
stakeholders, but rather as a first step towards a rational solution. As
progress thus far indicates, only together can this problem truly be solved
to the benefit of all involved.

Ross Wm. Rader
Director, Innovation & Research
Tucows Inc.
t. 416.535.0123
f. 416.531.5584


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