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RE: [registrars] Transfer Process Points

BTW I dont know if I am missing something here but there is one thing I
could not find in the document which is VERY VERY important - and that is
the policy of transferring domain names during the 45 day auto-renew period.
Right now as I know it bulkregister, networksolutions and register.com do
not allow trfer of domain names after the expiry during the auto-renew
period. However the true spirit of the auto-renew is actually meant to allow
the customer to renew the domain name with the registrar of his choice
within that period. Infact the verisign document clearly states that a
refund would be made to the losing registrar if a domain name is trferred
during the auto-renew period.

this particular issue also causes a lot of transfer coincerns. Since most
customers do not wake up about the trf process immediately. Then at the last
moment if only about 4-5 days are left for the expiry it is not possible to
do the trfer.

I dont know what the TUCOWS policy is on this since I have not trefrred any
domains after expiry from TUCOWS yet


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> Subject: RE: [registrars] Transfer Process Points
> I think that Bhavin makes a very good point about defining a list of
> apparent authority personnel.  The current ICANN and registry
> contracts and
> concensus policies DO NOT define "apparent authority" - that's the whole
> problem.
> We can limit it to registrant and administrative contact, and still allow
> for indirect apparent authority per Louis' clairification, as described by
> Mike: "If there was a contractual provision in the ISP subscription
> agreement
> appointing the ISP as an agent/attorney-in-fact for registrar sponsorship,
> this would be acceptable as apparent authority. Simple
> contractual language
> absent this agent/attorney-in-fact language would not be sufficient to
> convey apparent authority to an ISP. Notwithstanding, the gaining
> registrar
> would still have to provide existence of this documentation to the losing
> registrar if requested."
> Mike - since your resolution states that the transfers document can be
> amended at any time, why don't we propose this as an amendment to the
> document for a separate vote?
> Thanks, Elana
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> From: Bhavin Turakhia [mailto:bhavin.t@directi.com]
> Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 12:08 PM
> To: ross@tucows.com; Larry Erlich
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> Subject: RE: [registrars] Transfer Process Points
> > > it helps spread a unified message to all customers that the
> > admin contact
> > > and registrant have apparent authority to transfer a domain and
> > therefore
> > > they should be careful with what they put in those fields.
> >
> > So then how do you deal with my situation? I very definitely have the
> > authority to change registrars on behalf of Tucows but I am not
> the Admin
> > Contact.
> the number of people who may actually be authorised to do this transfer
> maybe many, however it is essential we stick with the admin cotnact and
> registrant lets say. if you have the authority to do the shift iu
> am pretty
> sure you have enuf authority to contact the current admin contact and get
> him to approve the transfer.

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