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[registrars] Update

Hello All:

I just wanted to update you all on several things that have been happening
for the past week. First, the nomination period was scheduled to close this
past weekend. To date there have only been the following nominations:

Chair: Rob Hall, Michael Palage
Secretariat: Tim Denton
Treasurer: Elana Broitman, Bob Connelly
Technology Office: Bruce Tonkin

Because of a rather busy travel schedule last week (Puerto Rico, Florida,
Philly, NewYork, DC), I was unable to announce the pending close of the
nominations. Therefore, nominations will close within the next 24 hours.

I am waiting for ICANN to provide me with a list of registrars that have
paid their fees. Diane Schoder was in France until the 18th after the ICANN
meeting so I have not been able to get access to these records. After
receiving this information I will post it to the list along with the
designated voters for each registrar. After which the Names Counsel
representatives will handle the election oversight process. After the ballot
has been sent out, any registrars paying their fee will have to contact the
Names Counsel representatives directly to receive their ballot.

On another note, I will be consulting with Afilias over the next couple of
weeks to assist in the roll-out of the .INFO TLD. Part of my
responsibilities will be interacting with you the registrars to get all your
accreditation/certification paper-work in order. Obviously my consultant
responsibilities with Afilias have no relationship what so ever with my
responsibilities to the constituency. Because I will not be in my office
over the next several weeks, please use email or my cell phone (561)
628-3787 to contact me with regard to constituency matters, or you can leave
a message on my office line (561) 744-6453 where I will be checking messages

With regard to the Xfer issue straw poll. I have been tabulating these
ballots and will be announcing the results shortly. I have temporarily
delayed the release of these results based upon information relayed to me
last week that Register.com and NSI had been negotiations seeking a further
compromise to the situation, and would be announcing something early this
week. Because the registrars have always expressed a desire to resolve this
matter internally, I believe it would be wise to wait an extra day or two
before proceeding. At the current time it appears that there are enough
votes to put this issue forward to the Names Counsel with regard to creating
new policy. The next Names Counsel meeting is this Friday, so I propose
having a teleconference on Thursday to discuss how to proceed.

I will be unable for most of Monday as I will be temporarily relocating the
Palage clan to Philadelphia near the Afilias' offices and where on a side
note I was born and raised :-). I should be back online 100% come Tuesday at
which time I should be able to give everyone an update on all the above
referenced matters.


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