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Re: [registrars] ICANN Budget Committee appointments

Please consider me for inclusion.

Maureen Ruppert

Bryan Evans wrote:

Ken,I'd like to self-nominate for the ICANN budget committee.  InterAccess is one of the smaller registrars, butwe're also part of a larger telecommunications company, so we have a strong vested interest in keepingICANN a successful organization.  I feel a bit immodest in self-nominating, but I'm the only active ICANNand Registrar constituency representative from my firm.  However, I do have the full support and backingof my company.InterAccess has been an accredited registrar since July of 1999, and operational since January, 2000. Ihave led all of our efforts in this regard.  InterAccess was founded in 1993 as an Internet Service Provider,and has been providing customers with domain name registration services, either as an NSI partner/reseller or later as a registrar, since the summer of 1993.  So, we have a lot of experience in this industry,even though we are a small-volume registrar.-BryanBryan EvansDirector of TechnologyInterAccess, an Allegiance Telecom companybevans@interaccess.com312-496-4295
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Subject: [registrars] ICANN Budget Committee appointments
Fellow registrars... We recently received from Louis Touton a request for appointments for 3 registrars to work on the ICANN budget committee..  here is a portion of the e-mail: "I am writing you in your capacity as the Registrar Constituency's
representatives on the Names Council to ask your guidance on formation
of the budget group that will be providing input on the formulation of
ICANN's budget for the 2001-2002 fiscal year.

You will note that three members of the budget group are intended to be
representatives of .com/.net/.org accredited registrars.  As noted in the
memorandum, to keep the process on schedule nominations must be made by
24 January 2001.  " Personally, I feel that it is very important that these 3 appointments be balanced amongst the registrars by volume. hence I am asking for recommendations or self-nominations for parties interested in participating. please post an indication of self-interest, or a recommendation for someone you feel would be a good candidate to represent the registrars, to the registrar maillist with a copy to mike palage. we will close the nomination process next Wednesday at 24:00 GMT and on Thursday post the list of names and ask all accredited registrars to pick 3 persons from the list to represent us on this committee. please do not recommend anyone to this list without first checking to insure that they are willing to participate. thanks for your quick attention to this matter best wishes  ken stubbsp.s.    I sincerely hope that we have a good balance in all three categories (I.e. high volume, medium & and moderate or low volume registrars)  

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