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Re: [registrars] Nominalia & registrars coalition re: registry/tld proposal

One last, important issue:

* Nominalia is strongly in favour that any registry, most specially a
gTLD registry controls the operations internally. We can certainly
devide the registry thing into a registry and many registrars; and
still the registry itself between the registry authority and the
registrar opertor, or database operator., but this latter split isd
very dangereous in our mind.

The NSF/NSI sotry as well as the less public CORE/Emergent and
CORE/CDL expereiences show that a company initially hired to perform
only the "technical" work of running the registry form its "technical"
point of view, tends to get more and more independnt over time, to
develop its own and viergent interests and to try to influence policy
over time. Eventually, things tend to go out of control. No matter
what is written in the contract. No matter the unchallengeable "good
will" and angelical intentions form both sides. It simply happens, and
is somehting inherent to the model.

We therefore strongly encourage the registrars consortium to seriously
consider running the registry "in-house", through a hired CTO and
personnel instead of outseourcing those oeprations to third parties on
a contractual basis

(and yes, Nominalia lost on that issue twice within CORE, so....)

Amadeu, on his very last mail on these issues.

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