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Re: [registrars] Co-Op Tel-Conference

For some reason, this message was bounced the first time.  BobC

And it bounced the second and third time.  BobC

At 10:11 25-07-2000 -0400, Elana Broitman wrote:
>Richard - just a point of clarification (and I suppose for discussion on the
>call).  After the initial group makes contributions, the additional
>registrars joining the co-op should pay their proportionate share of the
>total, which should include these initial contributions.  In other words,
>all of the member registrars should end up with an equal contribution in
>order to be fair to the initial group.

Dear Elana:

There was talk of reallocating each year based upon the number of current 
registrations.  There was a suggestion of a 10% cap and 2% (or was it 
2.5%?) floor.  That would be a 5:1 ratio (4:1?) between the largest holders 
and minimum holders.

If you think about it, with 100 Accredited registrars participating, if 
only one qualified for the ceiling figure, it would have to be about 4% 
(3%?) with everyone else at 0.97% or so.

Regards, BobC

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