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RE: [registrars] Co-Op Teleconference

Thanks for clarifying this.

Could anyone comment if there is an anticipated cut-off date for other
registrars wanting to join
the Co-Op group and whether there will be a standard legal contract 
distributed for joining the Co-Op group?



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From: Elana Broitman [mailto:ebroitman@register.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 3:11 PM
To: Richard Lindsay; mpalage@infonetworks.com
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Subject: Re: [registrars] Co-Op Teleconference

Richard - just a point of clarification (and I suppose for discussion on the
call).  After the initial group makes contributions, the additional
registrars joining the co-op should pay their proportionate share of the
total, which should include these initial contributions.  In other words,
all of the member registrars should end up with an equal contribution in
order to be fair to the initial group.

Kind regards, Elana

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From: Richard Lindsay <richard@interq.ad.jp>
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Sent: Monday, July 24, 2000 9:23 PM
Subject: Re: [registrars] Co-Op Teleconference

> Mike,
> I will represent interQ for the teleconference, and if
> possible will try to make the trip if there is an in person
> meeting scheduled.
> For those of you who were not present in Yokohama, the
> general idea was to first measure overall support among the
> Registrars - I believe there IS very strong support for this
> co-op.  The second step was to establish or select a core
> group of Registrars who would form the "Task Force" that
> would be charged with retaining legal assistance, and putting
> together a framework for the registry bid.  The members
> of the initial Task Force would have no preferential
> treatment over other Registrar partners, but would
> be required to fund the initial phases of the project,
> and have a fairly broad representation from the Registrar
> constituency as a whole.  btw, the funding was estimated
> at around $20,000 if there were 5 members of the task
> force (I believe.)
> I hope I am not belaboring the point, but I wanted to make
> clear to everyone what I think we are trying to achieve.
> With that in mind, we should set up an agenda, and if
> possible try to select the members of the task force
> as soon as possible.  I believe it will be very very difficult
> to achieve all the required steps involved in submitting
> a joint registry bid with a group of 30 or 40 registrars.
> We need to establish a fairly small (perhaps around 5)
> group that can do some work, and then present those
> results to the group for final approval.
> We have a lot to do, and if we don't get started very
> quickly, our chances of success will diminish rapidly.
> Regards,
> Richard
> "Michael D. Palage" wrote:
> > One of the criticisms raised in Yokohama was the lack of proper notice
> > regard to teleconferences and meetings. In Yokohama I promised to use
> > effort possible to give as much advance warning as possible.
> >
> > Therefore, in light of the increasing number of registrars that have
> > expressed interest in participating in the registry co-op I have
> > scheduled a teleconference for this Friday Morning at 9:30 AM EST. I
> > provide dial-in information to all those that have expressed interest in
> > this venture to date within the next 24-48 hours.
> >
> > If everything proceeds as planned during this week's teleconference, I
> > envision an in person meeting the first week of August, preferably not
> > August 1st since it is my birthday and would like to spend it at home
> > my family :). I think either Thursday or Friday would give people the
> > advance notice as possible. The tricky problem is location. Because we
> > met in Reston prior to Yokohama, I am looking for a neutral site. I will
> > provide a list of suggestions within the next 24-48 hours when I
> > the dial-in information.
> >
> > As we discussed in Yokohama, this proposal is going to happen in
> > Time" I suggest that everyone interested in making this proposal work,
> > focused and be prepared to put in long hours on short notice.
> >
> > Any questions or comments you know how to get a hold of me.
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> > Michael D. Palage
> --
> _/_/_/interQ Incorporated
> _/_/_/System Division
> _/_/_/Director and General Manager
> _/_/_/Richard A. S. Lindsay

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