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Re: [registrars] Law Firm Recommendations

Mike - 

When Rita was in Yokohoma, she had some preliminary discussions with Ken Stubbs about this.  Although I am biased, I don't think there is any other firm out there that can come even close to our level of experience in each of the areas that you mention, particularly when it comes to our knowledge of, and familiarity with, the ICANN players and process.  Rita will be back in New York early next week, but I just wanted to lob in an e-mail telling you how interested we would be in working with the participating registrars on this project. 

Warm regards.

>>> "Michael D. Palage" <mpalage@infonetworks.com> 07/20/00 07:28AM >>>
One of the first tasks that the policy drafting committee must address, is
what law firm to use in this Registrar Co-Op Proposal. The obvious criteria
are: Internet and/or Teleco experience; experience in Anti-Trust law,
complex corporate experience, and knowledge of the ICANN process.  If anyone
has any recommendation please forward them to me so that I can pass them
along to the drafting committee when it is established.

Thanks again,

Mike Palage

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