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Re: [registrars] Dialup service

Bob et all,

FYI, the number below is for a Tokyo access point number.
Thus not only will you be billed the 20 yen per minute, you
will also be billed the semi-long distance charge from Yokohama
to Tokyo.

By the way, most hotels do not allow 0990 numbers to be
dialed from the hotel rooms.  Also, pay phones and cell
phones do not allow these numbers to be dialed.

Not that I am marketing my ISP's services, but we pioneered
this service 5 years ago, and have a POP in Yokohama :-)  The
number is:  0990-6-37777  The id=guest pwd=guest applies
as well.  But you probably won't be able to access this from
a hotel :-(

Best regards,

"Robert F. Connelly" wrote:

> Dear Mary:
> Does Crisscross still offer 0990 dialup service?  I find this old message
> from you in October of 1998:
> The access number is 0990-611-000. DNS is with username
> "guest" and password "guest". If they have any questions our office number
> is 3237-3626. This information is in Tokyo Classified every week if you
> misplace it again.
> I just dialed it from my desk and reached a modem all right:-)  Is the NTT
> surcharge still 20 yen per minute?
> There are two world meetings on the Internet in the next two weeks.  ICANN
> next week (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
> Numbers).  Hopefully, decisions will be made to permit new gTLDs.
> The following meeting is INET2000 (ISOC meeting), the annual meeting of the
> Internet Society.  Both meetings in the International Conference Center in
> Yokohama.
> Members will need a good way to stay connected.
> Question:  If the service is still available, can the dataports on NTT
> telephones be used with your system?
> Personal regards, BobC

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