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Re: [registrars] VAT (sales tax) payable to EU on Domain Sales?? (Meeting)

At 18:44 12-06-2000 +0100, Paul M. Kane wrote:
>The bottom line is a Registrar based outside the EU but selling to a 
>consumer in
>the EU (under the directive) will have to charge and pay to the EU VAT (sales)
>tax :(

Dear Paul:

OK, let's say we set up a server in Guernsey.  How would the EU impose the 
tax upon us?

Further, how would they tax us on our PSI-Japan sales within the EU?  How 
would they ever know?

BTW, people in the EU said VAT on a domain name for a business was a non 
issue as it was a business expense and therefore deductible.

Regards, BobC

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