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Re: [nc-whois] T 2&3 meeting notes from today

Kristy et al,

Please find attached my assignment for Appendix A.

I regret I was unable to participate in the brainstorming
session, which included very valuable contributions.

I might belatedly add my comments on privacy concerns:

- National laws governing privacy apply to their respective
   territories? Is the gTLD namespace a national territory?

- It is understandable that some registrants might prefer to
   have their contact data screened from public access, and
   it has been suggested that a policiy similar to "unlisted"
   telephone numbers could be applied. This would mean
   that the demands on registrar's resources would increase
   as law enforcement agencies, intellectual property lawyers
   and network operators, ISPs, etc. would require access
   to the "unlisted" information, and thus a "request for
   data desk" become a need for each registrar? In that
   case, and to offset this cost, should the option to have
   one's contact data "unlisted" in the Whois be subjected
   to an extra charge, in order to offset the increased
   work to be undertaken by each registrar?

- Categorizing types of registrants merits analysis, and it carries
   a risk that commercial enterprises might have their owner register
   in his personal name to avoid publication of his business contact


Tony Harris

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> Team,
> Our meeting was BRIEF.
> 1)  Congratulations to Troy Dow whose wife had a baby last week.
> 2)  Laurence/Thomas's assignment, content for Appendix B has been
> 3)  Tony Harris' assignment, content for Appendix A, is complete and will
> be received shortly.
> Otherwise we await completion of the remaining content.
> Thank you!
> :)
> ~k
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