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RE: [nc-whois] Revised Bulk Access Draft


Also, I forgot:  we need to suggest definitions be written for opt-in and 

Opt-out could mean many things, especially if it's given the same 
definition we (in the USA) currently work with, which is that we are 
automatically opted-in to be included in all sorts of irrelevant nonsense 
(phone calls, faxes, spam, junk mail) and there is no actual policy that 
permits the removal of a persons information from the list; although a 
person can communicated they would prefer not to be reached.

Don't believe me?  Ask Marilyn about AT&T's opt-out process.  She perhaps 
can enlighten us about how much money they pay active citizens who bust 
them for repeat offences since they can't keep track of who does and does 
not want to be contacted.


Anyway, we need good working definitions of both before one can be chosen 
over the other anyway (in the event ICANN decided to continue to support 
marketing needs for bulk access).


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