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[nc-whois] WHOIS Searchability, and additional language to the recommendations

Here is the text for the recommendation on enforcement:

The WHOIS Task Force is aware that although existing contracts allow for enforcement of applicable contracts, in many cases, the penalty for a breach of the contract is revocation of the ability to register names by the registrar.  In addition, registrars do not have clear enforcement mechanisms to ensure their customers (resellers, ISPs or end-users) provide accurate data.

The Task Force believes that a method of graduated sanctions or enforcements against parties who breach the requirement to provide accurate information, potentially as a combination of policy and financial penalties, should be considered for implementation.


This is the reference to "what is WHOIS" and "what can be searched"

Definition of WHOIS:

This is part of the ICANN-Registry contract specifying WHOIS -- http://www.icann.org/tlds/agreements/info/registry-agmt-appo-11may01.htm

Query Controls

Whois query controls fall into two categories: those that specify the type of field and those that modify the interpretation of the input or determine the type of output to provide.

Object Type Control

The following keywords restrict a search to a specific object type:

DOmain: Search only domain objects. The input string is searched in the Name field.
HOst: Search only name server objects. The input string is searched in the Name field and the IP Address field.
Contact: Search only contact objects. The input string is searched in the ID field.
Registrar: Search only registrar objects. The input string is searched in the Name field.

By default, if no object type control is specified, then the Name field of the Domain object is searched.

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